Who’s Still Kicking @$$ And Taking Names in 2017?


We’re closing in on the beginning of another new month in 2017, so I thought I’d write a post to talk about those New Year’s Resolutions we all made. So, how are ya’ll doing? Continue Reading


Inspirational Quotes To Set You On FIRE


We’ve been reserving each Friday here at Mad Money Monster for a little relaxation and reward. This Friday, I’ve scoured the wonderful World Wide Web to bring you some of my favorite inspirational quotes. Without further ado…Continue Reading

Stuff We Just Stopped Buying


I’ve noticed there are a lot of items that Mr. Money Monster and I just don’t buy.  These little items add up to big savings over the course of a year or more.

Here’s a not all-inclusive list of items we ALWAYS live without…Continue Reading

Christmas Challenge: Making It Special For Less


It’s November and we’ve officially hammered the final nail into the coffin of Halloween 2015.  It’s time to start thinking about buying gifts for all of our beloved family and friends!  Should I go for the Norelco beard trimmer for Mr. Money Monster?  Or, should I opt for a new nine iron so he can perfect his golf game?  So many choices!  I probably won’t go with either since Mr. Money Monster doesn’t have a beard and doesn’t play golf…but you get the idea :P

Despite it being a few weeks before Thanksgiving, (Trust me, we’re not blazing past the turkey bird!  It’s one of my favorite holidays so expect more on this in future posts :) it’s time to start plotting and planning our Christmas attack.  So, how do we do it without taking out a second mortgage?  Read on…Continue Reading

How To Have An Amazing Wedding On A Budget


Do You Take This Shoestring To Be Your Wedding Budget?  “I Do!”

Well, we did it!  We got hitched and we are now officially Mr. and Mrs. Money Monster.  Tonight is the last night of our Vermont Honeymoon and I couldn’t be happier to be starting this blog post.  My apologies for being MIA the past week, but, it was just unreasonable to think I could stay on the M-W-F blog post track during my wedding and honeymoon weeks.  In this post I’d like to focus on how we had an insanely unique and beautiful “wine” wedding on our “beer” budget…Continue Reading