End Of Year Eclectic Compilation


We would like to thank all of our readers for making our personal finance blogging experience AWESOME.  We’re impressed at how quickly we have grown after only starting our online presence in late September of this year.  And for that, WE thank YOU!  To round out our year-o-frugality, we’d like to give you the gift of our very best posts since September!  We’d also like to encourage you to tell us what your best financial post was this year!  And if you prefer reading to writing, tell us which personal finance blog ranks highest on your 2015 reading list!  Go!Continue Reading


Financial Forecast: 2016


Mr. MMM and I are always looking for ways to improve ourselves, our future, and our income (passive, that is ;).  I mean, after all, we do author a personal finance blog.  2015 has turned out to be a life-altering year around here.  We both had a frugal mindset from the start, but after joining forces, getting engaged last summer and then married last fall, we started to focus on building our life together.  This meant, not only living a more authentic life by living well below our means, but also seeking avenues to increase income.  You see, although we are definitely pro-frugality, we know that there is a frugal threshold that, when crossed, can interfere with quality of life.  We’re finding our threshold and improving our lives in the process.  That’s not to say we haven’t made HUGE mistakes and HUGE accomplishments.  Spoiler Alert…we’re not perfect.  But, one step at a time, one day at a time, we will reach our early exit/passive income goals.  And so can you!     Continue Reading

“I Wish I Had A Million Dollars. Hot Dog!”


Remember George Bailey as a kid?  All he wanted to do was be a grown up and travel the world.  Remember the grown-up version of George Bailey, stuck in Bedford Falls, and resenting his family because he didn’t get to travel the world?  Remember how he was constantly worrying about money and bills?  Remember how he thought he was worth more dead than alive?  As we move from childhood into adulthood we realize that our plan for our life doesn’t necessarily execute the way we dreamed it would when we were kids.  We can learn a lot from George Bailey!Continue Reading

Why I Regret Buying My Inexpensive, Fuel-Efficient Car


Let me start by saying that inexpensive is a relative term.  Inexpensive quickly turns into a ridiculous term when it comes to buying something you didn’t need to buy in the first place.  Basically, you’re spending money to save money.  Hmmmm…that doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, does it?  You know, it’s kinda like all the Black Friday sales that encourage you to spend money you weren’t otherwise going to spend by creating an imaginary need and telling you how much money you’ll save by buying something.  Hint:  Buying stuff does not equate to saving.  Ever.  If you’re buying something because you can’t bear the thought of not saving money, you have officially failed Frugality 101.Continue Reading

My Single Biggest Financial Mistake: A Decade-Long Disaster


Let me tell you a story.  Long, long ago, in a town just down the road, I was born into a lower-income family with parents who never graduated high school.  Although, we were immaculate and well taken care of, we lived

House 2

Humble Beginnings

quite modestly in our tiny house (actually a trailer, but tiny house sounds trendy and cool!) and I never wanted for anything…except a big, suburban house and a ton of cash in the bank :)  Other than material things, however, my childhood was perfect.  Really!  Then one day, I decided I could actually go to college and get an education and get on the path to the big, suburban pie in the sky!  I did just that.  I hit that goal before I was 30 years old, too.  Before turning 30, I was living the American Consumerism Dream.  I was engaged, we had the new, big house with an in-ground pool, and together we earned $200k/year.  Not too shabby for such humble beginnings, eh?  Continue Reading