That One Time I Royally Screwed Up Our Net Worth Calculation


Long, long ago, in a house just like this one – oh wait – it was this one. Let me start over. Back when I first had the idea of starting a personal finance blog, I decided to do a quick and dirty analysis of the state of our finances. I quickly added up our assets and subtracted our liabilities. Right! Wrong. Really wrong. Although I added our mortgage debt on our primary residence and our rental property, I failed to factor in the value of those properties in the assets column. This resulted in a negative net worth. Yikes! After doing quite a bit of digging and a (IMO) proper analysis – we are in the BLACK, baby! Phew.Continue Reading


No Granite Required


Everything must go! No, not everything, but quite a few things are being personalized at the MMM house these days. Since we decided to keep our small pad, we decided to really make it our own. Instead of spending gobs of cash and, subsequently, future wealth on more square footage, a bigger mortgage, and higher taxes, we’re using some money right now to make our home the best it can be. Read how we nearly committed financial suicide just before starting this blog here. Afterall, we plan on living our lives and raising our family here.Continue Reading

Owning A Pet Sucks!


That’s right! That’s not a typo. Owning a pet does suck. That’s why we prefer to call our pets companions :) We have four furry friends living with us. They outnumber us by one, yikes! And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Um, What The Heck Does This Have To Do With Personal Finance?

I’m glad you asked, because the answer is PLENTY. Pets are liabilities and can cost lots of extra cash that could be funneled into savings, right? Right. Mr. MMM, Mini Monster, and myself truly enjoy our two dogs and two cats. It’s no surprise that they often find their way into our blog posts. Our most popular pet here on the site is Mad Money Cat – featured in the footer of most of our posts. Unfortunately, MMC isn’t as young as he used to be. Although you’d never guess it, he’ll be 16 years old this coming December. We think he still looks fabulous. And for all you pet people wondering out there…Continue Reading

Tell Us Your Financial Goals


Inquiring Minds Want To Know

Our goals are plastered all over this site and we’ve been writing about them forever. Now, Mad Money Monster wants to hear all about your personal financial goals and how you plan on getting there. You just might be featured on our site or be asked to write a guest post.

Happy Saving!