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Welcome to our blog! We creatively named our blog Mad Money Monster. Mainly because it rhymed and sounded cool. Plus, it was available as a dot com and on all social media platforms. Score!

us-iiOkay, let’s get down to it. My name is Mrs. Mad Money Monster and my husband’s name is, you guessed it, Mr. Mad Money Monster. Creative, I know. We also have one Mini Monster (for now :) as well as Mad Money Cats and Mad Money Pups. Yes, when we combined our lives, we also increased our four-legged companions.  Our furry friends currently outnumber us by one. *sigh*

We’re on a personal quest to tame the mad money monster that lives within us.    Before meeting in 2013, we made all the financial and relationship mistakes a person can make. We were also smart enough to turn it around. After having almost committing financial suicide by purchasing a large home we could barely afford, we got our heads out of our butts and started our journey to financial freedom. Now, we have a savings rate around 70% and we’re on course to be able to retire early in a few years.

Our goal is to live a RICH life without spending all of our hard earned cash. We want to pay off all of our debt and have the option of leaving our Rat Race careers in the dust. We’re going to do this through, what we like to call, Intelligent Design. Intelligent Design means we are scrutinizing every purchase and using any extra to pay down debt and invest for the future. With a lot of persistence, a little luck, and a dash of good fortune we will hit our early retirement goal and be able to do whatever the heck we please when the clock strikes midnight ringing in 2021!

Ultimately, we want to create passive income. Our STRETCH goal is to purchase enough rental properties to completely fund our lifestyle!

Ridiculous But Necessary Disclaimer

I do not have a degree in personal finance or economics; my blogs are meant to entertain and, hopefully, enlighten a few souls along the way.

Mad Money Cat I NOT loving his photo opp

Mad Money Cat NOT loving his photo op

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