Frugal Fail: A Fast Food Confession


Now that the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is over and we’re heading back to work today, WE HAVE A CONFESSION.  As you all know, Mr. MMM and I have dedicated ourselves to analyzing every. single. purchase.  BUT, (that’s the eraser word.  it erases everything you said before it.  try it) we are not perfect, and we have sinned…Continue Reading


Hump Day Headlines: Thanksgiving Day Prep


I’ve noticed that many of our frugal blogger friends have taken the second half of this week off to spend time with their family and friends.  Here at Mad Money Monster, we are still working our day jobs today (ugh) AND we still have something to say.  Although, you can maybe expect this post to be a bit shorter than most.  Maybe.  Let’s see how it goes! Continue Reading

Holiday Cleaning: Ho Ho Ho


Last weekend Mini Monster and I were sitting at the kitchen table talking about making the turkey for Thanksgiving.  I got her to agree to make the mashed potatoes, by the way.  She’s only 6 so they should taste interesting :)  During the discussion I told her that we were probably going to need to get rid of the area carpets we had in the kitchen.  Without hesitation, Mini Monster stated she would be sad if we didn’t have our carpet under the table.  I immediately assured her that we could get another one.  Again, without hesitation, Mini Monster asked how much we spent on the carpet under the table.  When I told her it was $300, her eyes nearly popped out of her head and she asked why we couldn’t just clean the ones we already own.  I was embarrassed that I didn’t think this was possible; at the same time, it was a VERY proud parenting moment.  Smiling from ear to ear.  Continue Reading

Frozen Pizza Fridays


Our Friday night routine used to consist of play dates (we’re parents) at various, local venues such as the roller skating rink, the bounce house, or Chuck E. Cheese (oh, the horror).  Along with that went, a trip to Pizza Hut, Isaac’s, or dare I say it, McDonald’s.  This seemed necessary to us only a few short months ago.  Silly us.  These days, we have our frugal antennas up.  Way up.  We are now opting for house play dates and frozen pizza!Continue Reading

Hump Day Headlines: Spending Wisely


A funny thing occurred to me this week.  I realized that, since we started down our ultra frugal, early retirement path, we also started changing our habits.  Changed habits led us to devise new strategies for having fun without spending our dough.  This line of thought stimulated our creative thinking and resulted in new hobbies, on the cheap!  Real cheap, like, FREE.  However, we have a big project coming up that isn’t going to be cheap.  We’re finishing our basement for extra living space.  Trust us, we need it.Continue Reading