Fewer Coffee Shops, More Home Brewin’: Our Coffee Bean Manifesto


Who doesn’t love a steaming Cup of Joe to lend encouragement and motivation each morning? Mr. MMM prefers tea, but for the purposes of this post we’re going to pretend he’s just as addicted to the brown liquidy goodness as the rest of the us. Continue Reading


Breaking Bad Habits Via Swapping


Ever consider how much that bad habit is costing you?  What am I saying?  You’re reading a personal finance article about breaking bad habits, of course you have!  So you also know that smoking those cigarettes or eating a ton of junk food is not only inching you closer to the end of the road *ahem*, it’s also destroying a part of your discretionary spending that could be building you wealth.  Extreme wealthContinue Reading

Hump Day Headlines: How We Spend $300/Month on Groceries


This week I was talking with a colleague at work and realized that they spend $800 EVERY month on groceries.  WHAT?!?  They’re a family of 4, but 2 of them are small children, and 1 child is breast feeding.  So, that’s basically a family of 3.  And let’s face it, little kids just don’t eat in large quantities.  I just couldn’t, and still can’t, wrap my minimalist head around this one.  Then I got to thinking how many kudos we received from our readers last week when I posted our monthly expenses.  Maybe we ARE doing something right.  I mean, I know we are…it’s just nice to hear it from other frugal peeps.  And in an instant, this post was born…Continue Reading

Frugal Fail: A Fast Food Confession


Now that the Thanksgiving holiday weekend is over and we’re heading back to work today, WE HAVE A CONFESSION.  As you all know, Mr. MMM and I have dedicated ourselves to analyzing every. single. purchase.  BUT, (that’s the eraser word.  it erases everything you said before it.  try it) we are not perfect, and we have sinned…Continue Reading

Frozen Pizza Fridays


Our Friday night routine used to consist of play dates (we’re parents) at various, local venues such as the roller skating rink, the bounce house, or Chuck E. Cheese (oh, the horror).  Along with that went, a trip to Pizza Hut, Isaac’s, or dare I say it, McDonald’s.  This seemed necessary to us only a few short months ago.  Silly us.  These days, we have our frugal antennas up.  Way up.  We are now opting for house play dates and frozen pizza!Continue Reading