How We Almost Committed Financial Suicide-AGAIN


Okay, we didn’t get nearly as close as we did last year to financial suicide. This time it was a fleeting thought that we entertained for a few hours. I am a real estate snob.  Many of you already know this.  So, yesterday, when Mr. MMM and I were having our weekly coffee date, he asked what was out there. By out there, he meant, what is currently on the market in our area for sale. I should mention, we’re coming up on the final decision of whether or not to move forward with our basement renovation. We have the final plans and quote in our hands. We just need to give the green light to our builder, and we’re off. I should also mention that Mr. MMM has received payment for some side hustle work he’s been doing. I should also mention that Mr. MMM is expecting to be coming into some hefty income from contracted work, as well.  Now, before he asked that question, our goal was to use my income for our monthly expenses and his income, which is variable and unpredictable, to pay off debt and invest.  Now that the money has started rolling in, he was questioning whether or not buying up would be a better use of his money than finishing the basement.  Hmm…Continue Reading


Thermostat Wars: Life’s Too Short To Be…Cold!


I am a firm believer in figuring out how to do everything in a less expensive (or no expense) way.  However, my frugality does have its freakin’ limits.  Last night, as I was trying to ignore the fact that I was shivering under 3 blankets, I decided that I cannot sacrifice my own physical comfort to save a few bucks.  I promptly got out of bed and, quick as a flash, I bolted to the thermostat and pumped the little button up until it was set at 66 degrees.  Obviously, 66 degrees is still freezing to most people, but we are in the extreme frugality club, after all.  Unless we get kicked out after this post.  *NAIL BITING*Continue Reading

Cutting The Cable Cord To Financial Freedom



Yes, I said it!  And Yes, we did it!  We cut our cable cord on our road to financial freedom through frugality.  This is all part of our grand scheme to shake the shackles of American consumerism so that we can live a fabulous life on less.

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