Hump Day Headlines: FREEDOM


As we all know, the only constant in life is CHANGE.  With that being said, the FIRE path is something Mr. MMM and I have been traversing the past MoneyZombieHD2few months.  We feel we are finally firmly planted in the mindset and have started blazing our own path.  We sat down this past weekend with our trusty spreadsheet and open minds and debated our current course.  As many of you know, I get really excited about real estate, for various reasons.  Hence, we must fit rental properties into our diversified, passive income portfolio!  With this in mind, we have tweaked our plan to make it one step closer to foolproof, aside from a full-blown, four-alarm zombie apocalypse of course :)Continue Reading


Hump Day Headlines: How We Spend $300/Month on Groceries


This week I was talking with a colleague at work and realized that they spend $800 EVERY month on groceries.  WHAT?!?  They’re a family of 4, but 2 of them are small children, and 1 child is breast feeding.  So, that’s basically a family of 3.  And let’s face it, little kids just don’t eat in large quantities.  I just couldn’t, and still can’t, wrap my minimalist head around this one.  Then I got to thinking how many kudos we received from our readers last week when I posted our monthly expenses.  Maybe we ARE doing something right.  I mean, I know we are…it’s just nice to hear it from other frugal peeps.  And in an instant, this post was born…Continue Reading

Hump Day Headlines: Thanksgiving Day Prep


I’ve noticed that many of our frugal blogger friends have taken the second half of this week off to spend time with their family and friends.  Here at Mad Money Monster, we are still working our day jobs today (ugh) AND we still have something to say.  Although, you can maybe expect this post to be a bit shorter than most.  Maybe.  Let’s see how it goes! Continue Reading

Hump Day Headlines: Spending Wisely


A funny thing occurred to me this week.  I realized that, since we started down our ultra frugal, early retirement path, we also started changing our habits.  Changed habits led us to devise new strategies for having fun without spending our dough.  This line of thought stimulated our creative thinking and resulted in new hobbies, on the cheap!  Real cheap, like, FREE.  However, we have a big project coming up that isn’t going to be cheap.  We’re finishing our basement for extra living space.  Trust us, we need it.Continue Reading

Hump Day Headlines: Enjoy The Moment


Let’s see…it’s been a whole week since we started our Hump Day Headlines series; time for installment #2!  Mr. Money Monster and I are officially back into our weekly routines after the wedding and honeymoon.  We’re enjoying being a married couple *yippee* and sharing ideas for our collective future, along with Mini Monster.Continue Reading