How We Plan To Have A Frugal Fall


It’s that time of year again. Here in PA, Mr. MMM and I are gearing up for another frugal fall season. Fall is our absolute favorite time of year. In fact, we think the best thing about summer is that fall is right around the corner! Yes, we’re a little weird, in more ways than one. I mean who can pass up a colorful, crisp fall day? It’s the time of year we can get cozy with sweatshirts, drink hot chocolate, and grace our homes with everything pumpkin! Yum! And Halloween! Who can forget Halloween?!Continue Reading


We Made Our Dream Home A Reality


The Mad Money household has been brimming with contractors, ripped up floors, exposed wiring, and drywall sheets for most of the last 6 months. Ta Da! Finally, as of last Friday, our dream home is now a reality. I’ve been bursting at the seams to share our renovation journey with you. That day has finally come :)Continue Reading

A Frugal Year Of Living Changed Our Future


We started on our FIRE journey one year ago this month. Since then, we have paid off thousands of dollars in credit card and student loan debt and invested many more thousands in retirement accounts and a personal taxable account. How did we do this? We buckled down, threw our budget out the window and spent on only things that were valuable to us, ate a lot more meals at home, and adjusted our entertainment monies down to almost nothing. I even started making my own coffee at home…GASP.Continue Reading