How To Become A Super Saver In 2016


HAPPY NEW YEAR!  No doubt you’re seeking areas of your life to improve during 2016.  Am I right, or am I right?  :)  The first post of 2016 here at Mad Money Monster is going to explain how some people have become Super Savers.  Super Saver is a term that describes someone who is fanatical about saving the money they earn.  In preparing for this post, I was scouring the web to determine the exact savings rate it takes to be considered a Super Saver.  I was unable to find an exact percentage; but, it’s pretty clear that some of these so-called Super Savers are stockpiling 50%, 60%, 70%+ of their TAKE-HOME pay.  Yes, you read that right.  They’re saving upwards of 70% of their pay AFTER taxes and AFTER retirement contributions!  I know it sounds extreme, but so does retiring decades before the traditional model tells us we can.  If you’re looking to shake things up in the new year, read on…Continue Reading


End Of Year Eclectic Compilation


We would like to thank all of our readers for making our personal finance blogging experience AWESOME.  We’re impressed at how quickly we have grown after only starting our online presence in late September of this year.  And for that, WE thank YOU!  To round out our year-o-frugality, we’d like to give you the gift of our very best posts since September!  We’d also like to encourage you to tell us what your best financial post was this year!  And if you prefer reading to writing, tell us which personal finance blog ranks highest on your 2015 reading list!  Go!Continue Reading

My Single Biggest Financial Mistake: A Decade-Long Disaster


Let me tell you a story.  Long, long ago, in a town just down the road, I was born into a lower-income family with parents who never graduated high school.  Although, we were immaculate and well taken care of, we lived

House 2

Humble Beginnings

quite modestly in our tiny house (actually a trailer, but tiny house sounds trendy and cool!) and I never wanted for anything…except a big, suburban house and a ton of cash in the bank :)  Other than material things, however, my childhood was perfect.  Really!  Then one day, I decided I could actually go to college and get an education and get on the path to the big, suburban pie in the sky!  I did just that.  I hit that goal before I was 30 years old, too.  Before turning 30, I was living the American Consumerism Dream.  I was engaged, we had the new, big house with an in-ground pool, and together we earned $200k/year.  Not too shabby for such humble beginnings, eh?  Continue Reading

Hump Day Headlines: FREEDOM


As we all know, the only constant in life is CHANGE.  With that being said, the FIRE path is something Mr. MMM and I have been traversing the past MoneyZombieHD2few months.  We feel we are finally firmly planted in the mindset and have started blazing our own path.  We sat down this past weekend with our trusty spreadsheet and open minds and debated our current course.  As many of you know, I get really excited about real estate, for various reasons.  Hence, we must fit rental properties into our diversified, passive income portfolio!  With this in mind, we have tweaked our plan to make it one step closer to foolproof, aside from a full-blown, four-alarm zombie apocalypse of course :)Continue Reading

Warren Buffet Inspiration: We Won The Lottery!


This has turned out to be a week of innovative financial thinking in the Mad Money Monster household.  Mr. MMM and I even nailed down a more

House 1

The Original Tiny House

solid financial forecast for our cash.  Yes!  Last week I told you the detailed story of how I grew up and discovered the underlying reason for my fascination with the tiny house movement.  I realized that growing up in the original tiny house, spurred my fascination with the current, trendy movement.  If you missed it, I strongly suggest you check it out.  Aside from the above mentioned accomplishments, we have also been busy not buying things and finding additional motivation to Just Keep Swimming.Continue Reading