Why We Include Our Home’s Value In Our Net Worth


One of the hottest debates in the personal finance space is whether or not the value of one’s home should be considered in a net worth calculation. There are people deeply rooted in both camps. We happen to be in the “we count it!” camp. But are we the exception, or the rule?   Continue Reading


Cars Drool And Cash Rules


During the entire month of January, when Mr. MMM was across the country for work, I was at home filling his passenger side, rear tire up with air once a week. It had a nail in it, but I didn’t have time to deal with it with everything else I was taking care of during his absence. Ergo, I made sure to drive his car down to our local gas station every Saturday to pump in some glorious FREE air. But alas, every incredibly annoying act must come to an inevitable end. Conveniently, there is a local car garage right up the street from my place of employment. I recently drove it on in and told them I needed a tire repair. And then it happened.Continue Reading

Early Retirement Will Take A Little Longer If You’re Total DIKs


Mr. MMM and I have been on the path to early retirement since 2015, and even when we started our journey, we were total DIKs. In case you’re not aware of this acronym, it stands for Dual Income with Kids. Similarly, there are others such as DINKs and SINKs. I’m not sure if SIK is an official acronym in the personal finance space, but I’d like to make it one, since I was one. The inspiration for this post was born yesterday when I was reading a great article over at Think Save Retire about the decision to NOT have kids, and why that’s okay. Check it out here! Before meeting Mr. MMM I was living on a single income with my daughter. Going from being SIK to being a DIK is more wonderful than I can express. Suddenly early retirement doesn’t seem so far out of reach. It seems realistic and we even have a date! However, I must say, being a DINK would make the process go much, much faster. So, before treading into the territory of having kids, you might want to make sure all of your goals, including the financial ones, are aligned.Continue Reading

Our Complete Guide To A Custom Home With Frugal Decor


Do you think you need to run out to a fancy shopping mall or designer store to adorn your home with the latest fashions? Much like buying clothes for yourself, your home should not be swapping outfits with the change of every season. I am here to tell you that it IS possible to have a beautifully decorated home on the cheap. Other than actual furniture, there are very few things we have purchased to decorate our home. The art on the walls? I made it. The window treatments? Don’t have any. The bedding? We have a single down-alternative comforter on each bed that serves its purpose 365 days a year. We’re sticklers for not overspending on home decor, while still remaining stylish and artistic. Here, I have laid out our complete guide to frugal home decorations!Continue Reading

A Walk Down Pop Culture Memory Lane


O.M.G. It’s Friday. We made it! Hallelujah. As many of you already know, we like to kick back, prop our feet up, and take a load off at the end of the week. A nice cold one wouldn’t hurt, either.

In an effort to not let you guys (our most awesome readers) hangin’, we have compiled a superbly fun walk down pop culture memory lane for your Friday viewing pleasure!
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