Friday Favorites


It’s that time of the week when we like to send our readers to other sites so they can explore the absolute awesomeness our fellow personal finance bloggers have to offer! This week we’re showcasing Physician on Fire, Freedom is Groovy, and It’s a Kate Life!


From 28 Funds to 3: Simplifying to a Three Fund Portfolio

easy-investingThis week on Physician on Fire, there is an excellent explanation as to why a financial adviser isn’t essential to a low-fee portfolio. The kicker – anyone can invest their own money, regardless of income.

If this sounds enticing, head on over to Physician on Fire to and check out From 28 Funds to 3: Simplifying to a Three Fund Portfolio!

A Sweet Transvestite’s Guide to Personal Finance

lipsFreedom is Groovy had an awesome post all about making little tweaks to save BIG BUCKS. They somehow figured out a way to tie it into The Rocky Horror Picture Show. So cool. Anyway, it goes something like this: a jump to the left and a step to the right. Poof – More Money!

If this sounds like something cool to read on a random Friday in January, go ahead and click the link. Enjoy! A Sweet Transvestite’s Guide to Personal Finance

Why I’m Leaving Betterment

robo-advisor-01Kate, at It’s A Kate Life published an informative post this week detailing why she has decided to cut financial. ties with the uber popuar robo-advisor, Betterment. Betterment has gained momentum by offering some very attractive tax-loss harvesting features among hands-off investors.

Go ahead and check out Kate’s reasons for giving them the boot here! Why I’m Leaving Betterment


Mad Money Cat signing off – The weekend awaits!

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