Fewer Coffee Shops, More Home Brewin’: Our Coffee Bean Manifesto


Who doesn’t love a steaming Cup of Joe to lend encouragement and motivation each morning? Mr. MMM prefers tea, but for the purposes of this post we’re going to pretend he’s just as addicted to the brown liquidy goodness as the rest of the us. 

Every Little Bit Adds Up

Every frugal person knows that every little bit adds up, the latte factor is an actual THING, and that only spending money when it aligns with your values and future goals is necessary to reach financial independence. The problems arise when we stray from our money-stashing ways to satisfy an immediate want. Mr. MMM and I certainly aren’t perfect. It is sometimes difficult for us to stay the course, and we do experience goal fatigue from time to time.

But, when we start to become starry-eyed with visions of specialty coffee beans dancing in our heads – yes, this does happen – we tend to give in. Yes, we do, occasionally, indulge our coffee wants over our needs, albeit in small quantities. We find that allowing ourselves a trot down to a trendy coffee shop inspires us to think great thoughts and, in turn, strengthens our relationship. After all, some of our best ideas and goals were born in said coffee shops. You never know when the Next Big One is going to strike.

headlines 2

A delicious lava at one of our favorite spots

Each Decision We Make Is With Our End Goal In Mind

We have decided that it is not our love of coffee that lures us out to these hip little nooks – it’s the atmosphere. We love the eclectic mix of people and personalities we bump into on our excursions – not to mention the aesthetically pleasing artwork that typically adorns these urban, mod hot spots.

We also love concocting our next big adventure over a Cup of Joe, or green tea, as it may be for Mr. MMM.

To Coffee Bean Or Not To Coffee Bean – That Is The Question

At this point in the post it’s no secret that Mr. MMM and I thoroughly enjoy heading out to

cats and beer 3

Mad Money Cat prefers beer. Lush.

these trendy coffee houses to indulge our inner immediate desire that tells us we should be spending $10 on those fine beans! It turns out, $10 once each week really adds up – fast. Sure, it might be worth a trip or two, here and there. But is it really worth 52 trips totaling $520 each year? We think not.

But we definitely think it’s worth a few trips each year. Trimming our outings down from once per week to once per season is making all the difference in our lives. When we’re not frequenting one of our favorite locales (which is often), we we are home brewin’ (slurp) and brunchin’ it up!

Financial Independence or Bust!

Do you frequent coffee shops or are you still indulging in a latte factor?

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12 thoughts on “Fewer Coffee Shops, More Home Brewin’: Our Coffee Bean Manifesto

  1. Hahaha…Mad Money Cat…lush…that was funny.

    Every so often, we frequent one of the local coffee shops, but not often. We’ve been using our French press to brew daily. We have this fancy Breville for heating water, so I think we’re still trying to recoup that investment. Ha!

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  2. Since November I visit coffee shops WAY less frequently, and there’s two reasons why. (1) I discovered the Kalita Wave. This is a great way to make a smooth pour-over coffee. (2) I discovered that my small city has three coffee roasters here, and their beans are actually better than the national chains. So I visit coffee shops less now not only to save money, but also because I can make a better cup of coffee myself than the coffee shops can. That’s a win, win! But like you I totally get the coffee shop atmosphere thing. Tough to beat that.

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  3. My rule is that it’s totally fine to spend $2-5 on a coffee if it’s in exchange for renting the coffee shop venue for a couple hours. If we’re on the road and really need wifi and a place to work for half a day, it’s a reasonable expense. And for meetups with friends or colleagues, it’s easy and far cheaper than going out for dinner.

    If it’s just for the cup of coffee to-go, though, I make every effort to brew it myself rather than go to a coffee shop. For me, paying 10x the price for someone else to brew a cup of coffee for me is just a waste of money.

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  4. I grab a drip from a chain on the way into my building. Otherwise I would have to travel with my to-go mug on the train and with roughly a half mile of walking. Too many spills into my bag.

    At home, I grind my own beans and make a nice little pot to enjoy my weekend. I did start buying a large bag of beans on Amazon once I realized the price was cheaper than buying beans at the grocery.

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