Why We Love Being At Home


Mr. MMM and I LOVE being at home. We love it so much that every time we walk through the door after being out and about I proudly proclaim, “Oh it’s nice to be home!” To which Mr. MMM responds equally excitedly with, “YES it is!” We then proceed to greet our furry housemates, kick off our shoes, and plop down on the couch in unison. Ahh…

We Didn’t Always Love Being At Home

Interestingly enough, we didn’t always love our home. Less than two years ago Mr. MMM and I were singing a different tune. At every turn we found something we didn’t like about our house. We didn’t like that it was all on one floor, we didn’t like that it was so small, we didn’t like that it had vinyl siding – this list could seriously be an entire post. Sadly, in our not-so-distant past, we were scouring our neighborhood in a foolish effort to UPSIZE our home (AKA: increase our expenses).

In order to avoid repeating an earlier post that detailed our narrow escape from financial suicide, I will only mention that before settlement we were both having anxiety attacks (almost not an exaggeration) and nightmares thinking about how much our monthly mortgage and associated household expenditures were going to increase. We were losing weight – and not the healthy way.

How We Changed Our Tunes


Mad Money Cat didn’t want to pack her things to move anyway – and this is obviously the first time she has EVER been on the table. Shame!

We finally breathed a sigh of relief when the home we were contracted to purchase turned out to be riddled with mold. Yay! Since that day, we started to absolutely love our home and low utility bills and realized the freedom it allowed us. We even love our vinyl siding…to the extent vinyl siding can be loved. Not only does our current home bestow upon us the freedom from major expense, but also freedom to relax, freedom to travel (did I  mention we took Mini to Disney?! – that’s another post), and freedom to renovate and update our home to our very specific tastes without it costing us any limbs. Side Note: we really like our arms and legs. 

Upsizing Our Home Without Upsizing Our Home

If you look closely at our featured image, you can see that we are proudly displaying our hideous orange (not the new black) permit sign in the front window. We are nearly done with a professional basement renovation. A mere two months ago our basement was completely unfinished. Not anymore! Now that we are living well within our means, we were able to devote some of our hard-earned cash to finishing our basement. This will yield us an additional 800 SF of living space – bringing our grand total to…drum roll…about 2100 SF. Granted, most people would want the entirety of that 2100 SF above ground level. Us – we just don’t care. 2100 SF, in any capacity, is more house than we really need. It is going to feel so luxurious to us, and I’m already having mild trepidation over the extra space AND extra house work. Because we resisted lifestyle inflation and kept our expenses low, relative to our salaries, we were able to afford some upgrades and finishes that complement our personal style. It really is an amalgamation of all things US. Did I mention we LOVE our home?

What makes you love your home?

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15 thoughts on “Why We Love Being At Home

  1. I hope you post before and after pictures of your basement reno – would love to see them! As for my house, I would have to say I love the neighborhood way more than I love my house. It’s a walkable neighborhood with tree lined streets. It’s close to schools, shops, and restaurants. I can bike to work in under 20 minutes and public transportation is also an option.

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  2. I love our home but there are definite areas that could use improvement. While we’re saving up for those I’ve found keeping clutter at bay, opening windows and banishing dust have made it so that most days I’m happy to be home.

    Recently I’ve also put more focus on relaxing at home and geared out life to ease at home. This definitely makes it nicer to be home. It’s simply things like having a stash of paper and pens within easy reach at all times, easy access to snacks in our basement, and keeping a fresh batch of library books handy at all times.

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    • I love the little things you’ve made sure are stashed throughout your home for quick access. I especially love the idea of having library books handy at all times. This is something I just might need to incorporate into our humble abode!

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  3. We’re taking the opposite approach for the time being (no home at all!), but I’m with you on enjoying the freedom a small home provides while still being willing to spend on the occasional upgrade to make things livable. Whenever we settle down again, I suspect our housing choice will be even more important to me if I’m not working and not traveling. I’ll definitely want it to feel “right” if I’m there many more hours of the day!

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    • I absolutely love what you guys are doing! Reading about your adventures is probably the closest I will ever come to selling our pad and traveling the world. Please keep it up so I can satisfy my inner nomad!


  4. This is great. We’re in the same boat. The longer we live here, the less we want to move. I’m learning more every week practically about caring for our home with all its quirks, and moving sounds like such a drag. I’m hoping to stay here for another 10 years at least. Maybe at that point the kids won’t be swimming in the pool anymore and it will be time to downsize. But for now it’s got everything we need. No need for an even bigger house or a more expensive neighborhood. So awesome that you were able to do a complete 180 with your attitude—and just in the nick of time! Congrats on your wisdom, and your financial rewards. :)


  5. I love my future home. Small condo with just enough space for me and her. A bathroom I don’t share with anyone I’m not in love with. Bliss.


  6. I love being home. Love, love, love it. We keep a pretty clean house and one of my friends commented that while my home was clean hers is not because they live in their house. My feelings were a little hurt. I guess she doesn’t realize how much time we spend here. If anyone should have a messy house it should be us because we are always home and LIVING in our house.


  7. It’s funny how a mindset change makes all the difference. We downsized to a small house with less character than the old place, but on a few acres out in the sticks. Since then, we discovered the minimalism and FI movements and their respective mindsets (they aren’t all that different), and we now love the house we were meh about at first. I’m adding a basement bathroom and I had installed a sliding door where a small window was to take advantage of the private view of the big yard and surrounding woods… But those changes have not been as dramatic to how we feel about the place now that we have had that mindset change.
    It sounds like you guys have had a similar experience and that’s going to serve you really well on the FI journey! Great post, thanks!

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    • So glad to hear you guys are also loving your smaller home. It IS amazing how perspectives shape our emotions. We were so close to dropping a ton of cash on a huge house. We would’ve been house poor for a long time. After renovating our small house, it’s more SF than we even need. I don’t know what we would’ve done with a house 3 times the size. We each would’ve had a level. Haha.


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